In the Beginning

                                                            Now thats a big statement!

                              A DESIRE of knowledge....
           Is natural to all human minds
And nothing discovers,  The true quality and disposition of the mind
   More than the particular kind of knowledge, it is most fond of.
Thus we see that low and little mind's are most delighted
         With the knowledge of trifles, as in children, an indolent mind…..
 With that, this serves, only for amusement
     Or the entertainment of the fancy a curious mind
 Is best pleased with facts
A judicious penetrating mind
      With demonstration and mathematical science
 A worldly mind esteems no knowledge like that of the world,
       But a wise and pious man, before all other kinds of knowledge prefers that of God and his own soul

Mason  Writings

Before our life here and now...

                     We dwelt in another realm

We knew each other there...

                                     and  Hopefully

We will remember each other here!

The younger years

                                               In the Beginning