Dear diaries
As we… are all dancing to…A different tune… alone?
The earth Grieves
The keys and the wire
The post drive deep…. to mark a spot
Of Mine!
A Flag... A thought!
A type!
I am different…. from you
Mine is more special
So I will kill you
Because you are not ….Mine
If you have and I desire
Then you must build a Stronghold to house the wealth
Or the thing in storage
If a man has 1 million dollar
Does he hold it…in his hands?
It is stored
By how and what is of his chosen
I will use mans money
To make MY OWN
I will take from you
So I can be
In more storage

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The concepts of     Mine
                       To dig a hole
                                 I have thought on this....


          To dig a whole!