Six Generation Sheet

Mason... Shaw Wall Freeman Howard Harris Morgon

Maillard... Blount Smyth Roberts  MacDonld. Staurt


C.E. Mason

Scol of thoughts and Deeds

Ancestral Investigator

                       In Malachi we read of these things,     

​          At the end of the book we read that...The hearts of the children will turn to their Fathers,

                                   And the heart of the Father will turn to us.

For all that has walked this Earth ...Yea, Even from the beginning all of us are, Our Fathers Children.

If you be Fathers Children ?

                                  Then all men ,must be our Brothers and Sisters.

                 To find all those who are, and was, our Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Therefore, in this we show forth Our Belief in Our Fathers Kingdoms

         All are in service... To all.

 In this, we bring Great joy to A loving, Fathers

                                                                                         Tender heart


A Unique Approach to Genealogical Studies

As the time draws , Ever so near

The hearts of man will turn to his past for answers.

               In the history of man ,we see many things.

                                  Many of them..Man has seen time after time.

And now...we see the same events unfold, before our very eyes.